Joyce Frissell, MSN

part-time instructor, the division of Nursing


  • M.S.N., Science, Nursing, Sage Colleges
  • B.S.N., University of Massachusetts
  • A.D.N., Berkshire Community College

Courses taught

  • Anatomy & Physiology
  • State Certified CNA Program
  • Nu200 Clinical Adjunct Instructor
  • Teaching Practicum for SR. students at University of Massachusetts on a Cardiology Unit
  • Lab Instructor and classroom teaching on age-related changes in the older adult

academic Research/interests

Nurses Job Satisfaction, Community Health and Needs Assessment

areas of expertise

Med. Surg., Psych. Mental Health Nursing, Acute-Chronic Illness in Long-term Care Rehab., Gerontological Nursing across the continuum of care/Adolescent and child in residential school settings

Why I teach

For my students


The Bible

favorite film

Love Story

Best part of being at SVC

Being an instructor for students