Rs210 Introduction to Radiology and Patient Care 4 credits
This course focuses on program and clinical orientation. Students will receive an introduction to the field of radiology, basic radiation safety, patient care principles, legal aspects of radiography and basic nursing procedures. The student will learn foundational skills needed for patient assessment and start their initial clinical experiences, including monitoring breathing, heart rate and blood pressures. Students will be introduced to basic imaging procedures through clinical practice and learn to recognize changes in a patient’s well being. Safe transport of patients, effective communication with various types of patients, and current information on infectious disease control will also be covered. 4 credits (2.1 credits class 1.9 credits clinical); includes 16 hours of clinical per week for 9 weeks (144 hours); class 2 hours per week for 15 weeks. Clinical fee. Prerequisite: Program acceptance, Hc101 and Hc102.

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