Nu/Fy100 Just Be Healthy/Well 4 credits
This seminar will focus on the concepts of personal choice and healthy living specifically for those going through changes in their lives, such as a move to college. Students will engage in selfreflection, narrative writing, journal writing and collaborative learning. Methods of instruction may include case scenarios, debates, roleplaying, videos, guest speakers, literature readings and debates. With the goal of maintaining balance, each student will explore his or her personal beliefs about topics such as goal setting, time management, stress, lifestyles, healthy choices and accessing local resources. Students will work collaboratively in groups to design a project to showcase their individual and group discoveries within the campus community-atlarge or at a specific community site. The final project could be in the form of an SVC Health Fair or other presentation to a chosen local Course Listings Ns410 - Nu150 population, determined by faculty and group members in coordination with SVC’s Office of Health Services. Students will be expected to be active participants and contributors to their own and other students’ learning.

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