Nu201 Medical Surgical Nursing 4 credits
(ADN Curriculum)
Students in Nursing 201 will learn Nursing care of individuals with common disease processes. The clinical experience allows students to further develop psychomotor skills, such as health assessment, and use critical thinking and communication skills to develop a Nursing diagnosis on a stable medical or surgical patient. Students will learn pathophysiology, pharmacology, and Nursing interventions for patients with commonly experienced disease processes of the cardiovascular, respiratory, gastrointestinal, genitourinary, and hematological systems as well as cancer and diabetes mellitus. Basic genetic and microbiological principles as they apply to those disease processes will be discussed. This course meets the experiential learning goals of the course through student experiences in the hospital and the simulation laboratory. Students are given additional instruction and practice in team building skills, including closed-loop communication and task designation, as well as coordination and documentation of Nursing care. (90 clinical hours  per semester.) Prerequisites: Nu101 & Nu 150 with a minimum grade of C+; Microbiology with a minimum grade of C+.

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