Nu235 Pharmacology 4 credits
(ADN Curriculum)
This course provides the foundation for understanding the role of drug action, drug absorption, bioavailability, distribution, metabolism, and excretion in Nursing interventions. Application of pharmacological principles in relation to Nursing practice is integrated throughout this course. This course will provide the pharmacological principles which incorporate evidenced-based practice and Nursing processes for the major drug categories. The focus will be a mix of lecture and student-centered, problem-based clinical case discussions facilitated by the professor. The goal is to provide the student with a framework in which to study the vast field of medications as well as problem identification and clinical reasoning skills. The final project will then be presented in the classroom. This final project will be a coordinated effort between students with the goal of teaching fellow students about their project content and learning from other students’ presentations. Prerequisites: A&P I and II with a minimum grade of C+.

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