Principles of Marketing - Sports Marketing 4 credits
This course is designed to provide business students with an in-depth understanding of marketing management in general and the principles of marketing planning via the application of these principles to a real-world organization. The course outlines how the careful planning and implementation of marketing mix strategies (product, place, promotion and price) in line with the selection of a target market and the identification of customers’ needs and wants will result in superior business performance. This course emphasizes the importance of the marketing function in business organizations on all the activities ranging from new product development to advertising/ promotions decisions. Marketing strategies must be in alignment with the overall business objectives of the firm. This applies to both for profit and not-for-profit organizations. As a result, it is important for managers in all departments to understand and be able to apply marketing concepts and techniques. Marketing activities often raise a host of social issues and potential ethical dilemmas. Students will investigate a number of ethical challenges throughout the course that require critical thinking with regards to the organization’s social and corporate responsibilities.

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