Emily Lesure

Hometown: Cheshire, MA
Major: Pre-Radiologic Sciences
Year: Sophomore

Prior to transferring to Southern Vermont College (SVC), Emily was taking classes towards a pharmacy degree. She happened to shadow a radiologist during the summer and became interested in the radiology field.  Relatives told her that SVC offers a major in Radiologic Sciences, so she came for a tour and decided to attend. It was an easy decision, and her cousin also attends the College.

Even though Cheshire, MA, is not very far, she wanted to live on campus to get the full college experience. She said, “By living on campus, I have more personal relationships.” On the weekends, she works at the Berkshire Mall in Massachusetts.

When Emily graduates from SVC, she plans to get a job in a hospital as a radiologist and eventually get more training to specialize in ultrasound.

Besides having fun at the festivities on campus, Emily likes to listen to music – all kinds – and watches the “Teen Wolf” TV series and “The Vineyard” (a scripted TV series).

Her advice to those preparing to go to college, “Time management is a big thing in college. You need to learn how to manage your time. Also, make friends with students in your classes. That’s your support system.”   

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