Sulyman Bello

Hometown: Bennington, VT (originally from Lagos, Nigeria)
Major: Business Administration/Management
Year: Sophomore

"I had no idea I would end up going to school at Southern Vermont College (SVC) until I met a woman from Bennington, VT, who traveled to Nigeria." In 2010, they married. Shortly after arriving in the U.S. and residing in Bennington, he enrolled in the Business Administration/Management degree program at SVC.  Sulyman entered SVC as a transfer student from Federal Polytechnic College in Offa, Nigeria.

"At SVC, it's an incredible experience. I found it easy to relate to people at the College. So far, classes that have made an impact on me have been Micro-Economics, Organizational Finance and Organizational Management.”

"My number one passion is soccer. I used to play soccer in Nigeria, and now I watch the SVC team compete on the Everett Field, which overlooks the spectacular mountains surrounding campus. I also like to play ping pong and enjoys listening to a variety of music."

After Sulyman graduates from SVC, he’d like to get a job, possibly with Shell Global. Shell is also located in Nigeria, where the company received an award for its educational support. Continuing his education towards a master’s degree is also an option.

“In Africa,” said Sulyman, “it’s hard to go to college. There is no financial aid there.” That’s one of the reasons why he is inspired by U.S. President Barack Obama, for his strong belief in education and his desire to help people.

In the beginning of the Fall 2013 semester, Sulyman received the CJ Salva Memorial Scholarship for his effort on improving his grade-point average through the use of SVC’s Center for Teaching and Learning and demonstrating financial need for academic aid.

In addition to his studies, Sulyman is employed as a plant operator at Plasan Carbon Composites in Bennington.

"Family is important to me as well as working with people of different backgrounds. Since coming to SVC, I have learned a lot about the business process and people. One of my favorite sayings to others is, 'Never give up on life and on your goals.  Always believe'."

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