Julianna Burnley

Hometown: Scotia, N.Y.
Major: Biological Sciences
Year: Sophomore

Through a cousin’s friend, Julianna was recommended to check out Southern Vermont College (SVC). When she came to visit SVC, seeing the mountains surrounding the campus, breathing in fresh air and sensing the quietness, she knew this is where she wanted to go to college.

In the beginning, her first semester was hard – being homesick and getting used to college life. Soon after, she made a lot of friends and took advantage of SVC’s Fitness Center to prepare for softball during the spring semester. Julianna has been a work-study student, and she works part time at a local pizza restaurant.

Julianna likes to hike and explore the campus trails. She spends a lot of time with her dog, Kane, when she can, and enjoys watching the soccer games at Everett Field. She also likes to sing and listens to various artists – a favorite is singer/songwriter Demi Lovato. Julianna says of Lovato, “In her songs, she shows how low you can get, but you can always get back up. She’s ‘raw’”! Julianna gets enthusiastic when a class involves debates – like Race and Ethnicity with instructor Joan Sakalas. In Chemistry, says Juliana, “Professor Jennifer Ufnar knows when you’re feeling down; she knows how to get you back up.”

Having respect is very important to Julianna. While at SVC, Julianna has discovered that she can be more independent. Before coming to SVC, she always depended on her parents (her biggest inspiration). Julianna is the first generation from her family to go to college.

Choosing the Biological Sciences major has given her many career options to choose from. After graduation, Julianna would like to become a physical/athletic trainer.

Julianna’s recommendation to students when furthering their education after high school is, “You need to learn by your mistakes. I learned a lot at SVC; it made me take responsibility of my own life. We’re all here for each other.”

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