Adrian Duncan-Headley

Hometown: Brooklyn, N.Y.
Major: Psychology
Year: Junior

Approached by his high school principal at the Academy for Young Writers in Brooklyn, N.Y., Adrian decided to contact Southern Vermont College (SVC). He wanted to get away from New York City. Adrian came to campus with seven other individuals from the “Mountaineer Scholars” program. In addition to having a support group, right away he liked the small SVC community and that the College offered a Psychology major.

Because he’s a “people person,” Adrian plans to counsel individuals – stemming from his connection with his high school counselors. Also, after graduation, Adrian would like to join the Navy Reserve and possibly have his own business as a Psychologist. He knows that he would need to further his education towards that professional position.

At SVC, his favorite classes have been Interviewing and Counseling, Chemical Dependency and Effective Speaking.

Adrian’s roommate has been a good friend from high school. He has been a member of the men’s rugby team at SVC. For fun, Adrian likes to go to the gym on campus and shoot hoops, loves to be part of group conversations and enjoys all types of music.

His mentors are his best friends from high school. Important to Adrian is the belief: “whatever you go through you must always remain humble."

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Michelle Deal, Assistant Professor, The Hunter Division of Humanities
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