Antonio Di Berardino

Home: Venezuela
Major: Business Administration/Management
Year: Freshman

A native of Venezuela, Antonio was learning English at Education First in Boston when SVC Assistant Men’s Basketball Coach David Bromirski contacted him to see if he was interested in visiting Southern Vermont College. Only one week away from returning to Venezuela, Coach Bromirski and Men’s Basketball Coach Mike McDonough sparked the desire in Antonio to possibly attend a college in United States – and play basketball. Now he’s enrolled in the Business Administration/Management major at SVC.

When it came time to sign up for clubs and organizations on campus, Antonio was eager to join most everything. He soon realized that his studies and his membership on the men’s cross country and basketball teams would take a front seat! He’s excited that the cross country team placed second at the NECC championship, and the next round will be at the regional conference.

Coming from a well disciplined school system in Venezuela, he knows that it’s important to attend classes at SVC. So far, Antonio has enjoyed taking Assistant Professor Jeb Gorham’s classes in Quest for Success and Organizational Management and Macro-Economics with Instructor James McDonald. During his free time, he likes to watch movies, play video games and listen to Latin music.

Antonio misses his family and the food back home. He knows that he can’t afford to go home until after the spring semester. During the holiday break, he’ll stay with friends in Boston, then return to campus in early January to play in more basketball games.  It’s been an adjustment coming to U.S. for Antonio, especially getting used to colder weather; all year round, it’s very hot in Venezuela, with six months of sun and six months of rain.

Antonio’s goal in life is to play basketball, open up his own business in Venezuela - perhaps a Duncan Donuts’ franchise - settle down and live in a house on the beach. He also wants to travel, especially to Columbia, Spain and Brazil.

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