Rachael Williams

Hometown: Schenectady, N.Y.
Major: Psychology
Year: Sophomore

Rachael found out about Southern Vermont College through Mount Pleasant Boys and Girls Club in Schenectaday, N.Y. She arrived on campus with a group of students, who are part of the Mountaineer Scholar Program, which supports selected students and their families with academic, social and peer supports, as well as financial assistance, to ensure that students have a successful transition to SVC and a positive, productive experience on campus. So far, Rachael has had a wonderful experience at SVC – a good roommate and classes with a special teaching style by Professors William Hansen and Sarah Knapp. Fun for Rachael is hanging out with friends and checking out what’s happening downtown. She’s a fan of Brittany Spears and Keyshia Cole, likes to read, and one of her best films is “Love and Basketball.”

During her first semester at SVC, Rachael joined the women’s soccer team, and during her second semester, she became a work-study student in the Office of Communications. Rachael also established a warm connection with the staff in the Office of Financial Aid, and has worked in their office during the summer months.

After Rachael earns her bachelor’s degree in Psychology from SVC, she plans to enter the workforce and eventually continue her education towards a master’s degree in social work. She wants to help dysfunctional families – at school and home – and show them how they can have a better life. Rachael’s American dream is to travel the world, have a family, home, good job and be happy. 

“Going to college is a larger step in life but worth it,” exclaims Rachael. “You’ll feel good by looking back; you’ll mature and it feels great. I know, because this is happening already to me.” Rachael believes in faith – that everything happens for a reason. She’s living her faith – walking forward in life.

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Michelle Deal, Assistant Professor, The Hunter Division of Humanities
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