Joe Lumsden

Hometown: Bennington, Vt. (grew up in Cabot, Vt.)

Year: Senior

Major: Liberal Arts with minor in History and Politics

From 1987-2007, Joe Lumsden served first in the U.S. Army as a Chaplain’s Assistant and then transferred to the Navy, where he was a 1st Class Petty Officer and Hospital Corpsman. During his time in the service, Joe earned his high school G.E.D., and as soon as his tour was served, he enrolled at Southern Vermont College. In higher education parlance, Joe is defined as a "non-trad," a non-traditional college student because of his age. At 37 years of age, Joe wanted the full college experience. That’s just one of the ways in which Joe Lumsden is a good soldier, the type of person who strives to get to know the people around him, in all walks of life.  

Once out of the service, Joe became a member of Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) and, a frequent volunteer, was elected Junior Vice Commander and attended conferences as a delegate for the Bennington VFW. In October 2011, Joe was appointed National Deputy Chief of Staff for his outstanding services to the VFW Post and Department. Two years ago, Joe met with the Vermont state commander of the VFW and proposed and was granted an internship where he would travel within Vermont to speak with the members and to monitor informational booths at local fairs on how someone can succeed in college and obtain goals.

At SVC, Joe’s favorite classes have been History and Politics with Professor Tom Redden and Acting class with Professor Lynda Sinkiewich. As Joe prepares to finish his SVC journey soon, he’s keeping his options open on what’s next. He’s a firm believer that everything will fall into place by going with what his heart tells him to do in the choices he makes.

Fond of travel, Joe has taken the Greyhound Discovery Pass (a 30-day pass) three times across the country. He also enjoys painting on canvas, vegetable gardening and baking; his blackberry pie won second place at a Vermont state fair.

His advice for entering college students is, “Make sure that the classes and your goals are your own dreams. Come to the college experience with the mindset that it’s O.K. to reorganize and recreate your dreams.”

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