Mitchell Sweet

Hometown: Bennington, Vt.
Major: English
Year: Sophomore

When he signed on for his first Creative Writing class, Mitchell Sweet thought it was going to be a “piece of cake,” but he found out that the instructor’s expectancy from her students was challenging. Mitchell rose to the challenge and acknowledges Professors Lynda Sinkiewich and Bryna Siegel Finer for all he learned in his first two writing classes. He took his third Creative Writing class in Fall 2011. Mitchell’s plan, at this point, is to teach English as a second language someday.

Mitchell is a member of the Japanese Culture and Animation Club on campus, where students meet and share ideas and thoughts about anime. The members are currently fundraising to travel to Kyoto, Japan, and Mitchell would like to learn Japanese. As a work-study student in the Computer Operations Center, Mitchell is learning how to fix computer problems with professional guidance from Director of Computer Operations Michael Keen.   

Mitchell’s mom used to work in the Snack Bar at the College, and he remembers younger days when he would occasionally hang out at her work site. He never thought that some day he would be a student here. For a while, Mitchell worked in the dining hall on campus, where he found himself listening to student conversations while they were eating. He honed in on a certain group’s topic of conversation, talking about Pokémon, something that interested him. Andrew Gorman, a student from that group ended up influencing and motivating Mitchell, and they soon became good friends. As a college student, Mitchell struggled a little during his first semester, but Andrew urged him not to give up.

When he’s not studying, you can find Mitchell playing online games; card games, such as “Magic the Gathering”; 4-wheeling; and exercising. Mitchell believes, “If you’re looking for a small college with genuine faculty, Southern Vermont College is one of the best places to go.”

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