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At SVC, we feel it's important for every student to have the opportunity to view  campus and all that SVC has to offer. Read from the list below which shows different types of upcoming, and join us at the one that is the best fit for you.

Accepted Student Days - There are special events just for students who have already been accepted. Follow this link to learn more about these events.

Open House - Students and their families will have an opportunity to learn about the College's career-driven majors, athletics, campus life, academic support, scholarships and financial aid.

Transfer Day - If you're thinking about transferring, this is an opportunity for you to learn about our 17 career-advancing majors and smooth transfer process. If you bring a copy of your college transcripts, you will receive a credit audit and have an opportunity to discuss academic credits with a member of our Registrar's Office.

Weekend Information Sessions - If it's more convenient for you to visit on the weekend, we have select days that include an information session, campus tour and optional individual meeting with an Admissions Counselor.

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