The McCormick Division of Business

Southern Vermont College offers the following degrees and minors in The McCormick Division of Business:

Minors: Students in The McCormick Division of Business may not pursue a minor within the Division. However, they are encouraged to use their general electives to obtain a minor from another division. This decision will require careful planning with the student's advisor.

Mission Statement

The Southern Vermont College McCormick Division of Business offers baccalaureate programs that will provide students with the skills and competencies to face the current challenges and opportunities of a dynamic and globalized business world. The Division fosters an exciting learning environment where students integrate business theory, skills and technologies with an entrepreneurial spirit. This learning environment stimulates the students' intellectual curiosity, builds critical-thinking skills, encourages ethical behavior and develops leadership ability.

The Business programs provide a strong overview of general business fundamentals (Business Administration) or Entrepreneurship. Business Administration students may pursue individual professional tracks in management or sports management.

The Curriculum

All students in The McCormick Division of Business complete 48 credits of general education (The General Core). This is followed by 18-24 credits of career-launching business courses (The Professional Core). The remainder of the major is comprised of focused upper-level courses, upper division business electives and general electives of the student’s choice.

This balanced approach prepares students with competencies in business fundamentals, oral and written communications, reading, writing, information literacy, critical and creative thinking, ethical decision-making and global citizenship.


The Build the Sustainable Enterprise program presents students with the opportunity to create, plan, implement and manage a real business in the real world, guided by business leaders as mentors and putting into practice the principles learned in the classroom. The enterprises will be able to draw upon a $100,000 venture fund, and each year the best plan earns a $1,500 award from the Bennington County Industrial Corporation. >Learn more

THE learning experience

The College’s full- and part-time faculty are both experienced educators and real-world practitioners, and they bring this balance into the classroom. Small class sizes allow for individual attention and mentoring as well as the opportunity for meaningful class discussions and assignments. Required class projects, practica and internships put students in the “real world lab” working with local businesses and non-profit organizations. Business majors also work closely with the Office Career Development and Internships to help students build resumé and interview skills and prepare for their post-graduation careers.

Career Opportunities and Graduate Study

Depending on their major and minor fields of study, students have the potential to be employed by large corporations, small businesses, professional practices, financial institutions, governmental agencies, or to start their own business. Students are also prepared for advanced training programs in business and for graduate studies.

pre-professional programs (articulation)

Many career fields require specialized undergraduate preparation or a post-baccalaureate degree from a graduate or professional program. Southern Vermont College currently maintains several articulation agreements with graduate programs at local colleges and universities that allow SVC graduates to better prepare for entry into and completion of those programs.

Interested students with a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.75 and who are in good academic standing are encouraged to work with their faculty advisor and/or the Business Division Chair to plan for and pursue these opportunities.