Business Administration and Management

(Bachelor of Science Degree)

In today's business environment, managers and supervisors must have the ability to communicate and motivate employees in a changing work environment. In addition, managers must have the technical expertise and financial skills necessary to make decisions in a dynamic economy. The Business Administration and Management degree provides an in-depth study of management, allows students to have laboratory-learning opportunities through internships and class projects to put theory into practice.

Program of Study – Business Administration/Management (128 Total credits)

General Core Requirements 48 credits

Entering the Discussion (12 credits)
Writing Courses (8 cr)
En101 English Composition I
En102 English Composition II

Bookend Course (4 cr)
Mg/FY100 Quest for Success (Business Division)

Exploring Diversity (32 credits)
Humanities Courses (8 cr)
2 courses in Art History, Communication, Creative Writing, English, Humanities, Music, Philosophy or Visual Arts

Social Sciences (8 cr)
2 courses in Criminal Justice, History & Politics, Psychology or Social Sciences

Natural Sciences and Math (8 cr)
2 courses in Biology, Environmental Studies, Math and Natural Science

Career Enhancing (8 cr)
2 courses in Business Administration or Management

Consolidating Knowledge (4 credits)
Mg406 Strategic Management

Professional Core (24 credits)
Ac101 Accounting
Ba201 Business Law I
Be245 Organizational Finance OR Mg220 Sport Finance
Ec200 Macro-Economics
Mg/Be150 Organizational Management
Mg207 Principles of Marketing - Sports Marketing

Management Core  (24 credits)
6 300/400-level Business Division Courses

General and Recommended Business Electives  (32 credits)
Total Credits (128 credits)