Albert DeCiccio, Ph.D.


Everett Mansion 208

area of responsibility

  • Academics 

academic research/interests/expertise

Rhetoric and Composition, Writing Center Theory and Administration, Collaborative Learning, Spirituality, Teaching and Learning, Service-Learning

courses taught

Comparative Religions
Rhetorical Theory
Classical and Modern Rhetoric
Collaborative Writing
Introduction to Literary Studies
Introduction to Composition Studies
Reading Fiction: The Short Story

why i like working and teaching in an academic setting

    To engage students in a process. That process wakes students eager from dreams, invites them into an ongoing dialogue about civilization, prepares them for taking action and leadership on societal issues that may ensure healthy and happy lives for everyone. 

Favorite Book

To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee

Favorite film/play/dance/exhibit

Cool Hand Luke

Best part of being at SVC

The commitment to teaching, learning, and students which will lift up a generation and ensure a vibrant democratic society.


November 4-6, 2013 - In San Diego, CA, Provost Al DeCiccio and Professor Jeb Gorham became the first SVC presenters at the Annual National Symposium on Student Retention, sponsored by the Consortium for Student Retention Data Exchange (CSRDE) at the University of Oklahoma. Provost DeCiccio's presentation was entitled "A&P Stretch:  Transforming a Gatekeeper Course Into a Gateway Course to Improve Retention of First-Year, First-Time Students." Professor Gorham's presentation was entitled "A Multi-Dimensional Framework for Retention:  Service-Learning and Community-Focused Laboratory Learning Enhanced Through Student-Centered, Self-Directed Teamwork."

June 2013 - Wrote article on "Dreams Can Come True," which appeared in New England Board of Higher Education.

March 2013 - Attended the Council of Independent College (CIC) Network for Vocation in Undergraduate Education (NetVUE) Annual Conference, entitled "Enriching the Theological Exploration of Vocation," in Indianapolis, IN.

November 2012 - Presented a talk entitled "Monitoring Student Success" at the 40th Annual CIC Institute for Chief Academic Officers in San Antonio, TX. 

Summer 2012 - Compiled literary texts by the participants in En205: Introduction to Literary Studies.

March 2012 - Spoke on "Transforming the Curriculum through Course Apprentices" at Southern Vermont Educators Symposium at Maple Street School in Manchester, Vt.

November 2011 - Provost DeCiccio was one of more than 100 national and even international presenters at the annual Conference for Peer Tutors in Writing held November 4-6 at Florida International University. In the presentation, entitled “From Interdependence to Independence,” DeCiccio described SVC’s course apprentices as part of a new effort to build a community of learners and to increase retention at the College. Course apprentices are upper-level students who enroll in a credit-bearing course on peer tutoring and then serve as intermediaries in courses they have previously completed successfully, helping the novice students in those courses to acquire the knowledge necessary to succeed. Provost DeCiccio was aided by Learning Cooperative Coordinator, Catherine Burns, as well as by senior and former course apprentice, Bret Clatworthy, whose youtube videos were part of his presentation. (Contact Provost DeCiccio if you would like to view a copy of the presentation.)

Summer 2011 - Compiled literary texts by the participants in En205: Introduction to Literary Studies.

March 2011 -  Provost Al DeCiccio, Humanities Division Chair Scott O’Callaghan, and Composition Coordinator Bryna Siegel Finer presented at the SUNY Council on Writing annual conference in Binghamton, N.Y. Provost DeCiccio opened the panel with a discussion of Neal Lerner's concept of laboratory learning and how the faculty and staff at SVC have interpreted that concept as we redesign the curriculum, which included a workshop with Lerner himself in January 2010.

December 2010 - Published a journal paper in "Journal of Applied Research in Higher Ed." Read more at

November & December 2010 - Blog in Pearson Learning Solutions entitled "Making Good on the Promise of Higher Education in Vermont - Part I, II & III" by Karen Gross and Albert DeCiccio. Read more at

November 2010 - Was on the dais twice recently at national and international writing conferences, representing Southern Vermont College and its commitment to academic excellence in topics of writing.

From November 4–6, DeCiccio was at the joint conference of International Writing Centers Association (IWCA) and the National Conference for Peer Tutors in Writing (NCPTW) for writing center directors, scholars and peer writing tutors.
As most recent award recipient and chair of the committee that selected this year's recipient, DeCiccio presented the International Writing Center Association's Muriel Harris Outstanding Service Award at the conference. This year’s recipient was Dr. Leigh Ryan, Director of the Writing Center at the University of Maryland.

DeCiccio moderated a session put on by peer tutors from the University of Kansas, entitled "Diversity and the Writing Consultant: Awareness, Acceptance, and Celebration.” While at IWCA, he also explored a leadership possibility for the anti-racism Special Interest Group/Caucus of the International Writing Centers Association. 

He also attended an award ceremony for Neal Lerner, who received the Outstanding Book Award for his book, The Idea of a Writing Laboratory. Lerner visited SVC earlier this year to work with faculty on laboratory learning. DeCiccio, who reviewed Lerner’s book from its prospectus status through its final revisions, said the book “inspired my own thinking about the laboratory approach to teaching, which informs our current curriculum revision being funded by the Davis Educational Foundation.”

October 2010 - Submitted blog for Pearson Learning Solutions on "No Future Left Behind: A Short Piece on Virtual Teaching and Learning." Read more.

September 2010 - Was a featured panelist for the CAT-TV program, CABB Notes, a discussion on the role of the liberal arts in education.

June 2010 - Co-wrote article with SVC President Karen Gross in New England Board of Higher Education entitled  "College Tries 'Mini-mesters' and More to Improve Readiness." 

June 2010 - Presented the First Year Experience, "Exploring the Faces of Diversity," at the 23rd International Conference on the First Year Experience, sponsored by the University of South Carolina's National Resource Center on the First Year Experience & Students in Transition in Maui, Hawaii.

April 2010 - Presented at Boston University in April for the annual Northeast Writing Centers Association’s Conference. His talk centered on the class DeCiccio taught for this year’s Quest for Success: “Exploring Faces of Diversity: Building the ‘I am…I am from…’ Exhibit.”

November 2009 - Spoke at the National Park Visitor Center in Lowell, Mass. As part of the Parker Lecture Series, Dr. DeCiccio talked about the influence the Merrimack Valley has had on authors and artists, such as Kerouac, Frost and Whistler.

July 2009 - Offered a presentation about Southern Vermont College, its Quest for Success first-year seminar program, and about how the College’s constituencies have created a retention quilt to sustain a connected living and learning community at the 22nd International Conference on the First-Year Experience in Montreal, Canada. Sponsored by the National Resource Center for The First-Year Experience and Students in Transition at the University of South Carolina and co-hosted by Concordia University (Canada), Tamagawa University (Japan), University of Auckland (New Zealand), University of Teeside (United Kingdom), and York University (Canada), more than 300 professionals from 95 colleges and universities and 15 countries attended the conference. 

July 2009 - Published article in the Journal of Applied Research in Higher Education, entitled, “Kairos: The Right Time for the Laboratory as Educational Model.” Provost DeCiccio’s article appeared in the 2009 issue of the Journal, which is published annually by the University of Glamorgan in Wales. Click here to view a pdf version of the article.

July 2009 - Represented SVC at the 2009 Network for Effective Language Learning (NELL) program, sponsored by the Council of Independent Colleges (CIC) and supported by the W. M. Keck Foundation and held on the campus of Endicott College in Beverly, Massachusetts. In partnership with Burlington College, SVC joined more than 25 other colleges to explore innovative approaches to foreign language learning. NELL will allow SVC to investigate a variety of ways to enhance its current foreign language offerings and address major issues dealing with globalization and internationalizing the curriculum.

June 2009 - Delivered the keynote address at a celebration by the Nashua Exchange Club at the Crowne Plaza in Nashua honoring the top 14 scholars at five Greater Nashua, N. H., high schools: Alvirne, Bishop Guertin, Hollis/Brookline, Nashua South and Nashua North. His address was about the transformative power of education and achievement. 

May 2009 - Participated in the "Creative Leadership with Limited Resources" workshop, along with SVC Division Chairs, in Cambridge, Mass. (sponsored by the Council of Independent Colleges). 

April 2009 - Addressed educators and educational consultants at the annual Independent Educational Consultants Association (IECA) Spring Conference in San Francisco. His paper, “The Laboratory as Educational Model,” in part discussed the distinguishing philosophy of curriculum used by Southern Vermont College. 

Led a Think Tank Session for the New England Resource Center in Higher Education (NERCHE) in Shrewsbury, Mass. DeCiccio addressed the issue of transitioning to the role of provost or vice president, in a talk entitled, “Moving Up or Moving Out: Making Transitions.”

Presented a talk on "Writing Center Leadership for Sustainable Campus Change" at the annual conference of the Northeast Writing Centers Association (NEWCA) at the University of Hartford in West Hartford, Conn.