Are you a re-entry student to SVC or have been accepted in the past?

Deferred Students

Students who have applied to Southern Vermont College and have been accepted may defer admission for up to three years without reapplication to the College. Students who have earned transfer credits after their original acceptance would be re-evaluated by the Admissions Review Committee.

Re-entry Students

Students who have been away from the College for two semesters must notify the Admissions Office that they wish to return and complete a Reentry Student Application. Students who seek readmission following previous dismissal from the College should refer to the policies and procedures outlined in the Academic Policies section of the Catalogue.

Re-activated Students

Students who withdraw their previous year's application to Southern Vermont College may contact the Admissions Office to reactivate their application for an upcoming semester. Students should submit any updated college transcripts.

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Tom Redden, Professor of History and Politics

Tom Redden, Professor of History and Politics
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Amber Flagg

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