Frequently Asked Questions for First-Year Students

How do I apply?
There are several different ways to submit an application to Southern Vermont College. We also accept the Universal College Application.
How large is the student population at SVC?
There are approximately 500 full- and part-time students enrolled at Southern Vermont College.
What is the diversity like on campus?
Currently students from 20 states and 3 countries outside of the U.S. call Southern Vermont College home, with over a ten percent minority population.
What is there to do outside of academic life?
Your options when you're not studying are pretty unlimited. We offer a wide variety of on-campus activities with over 20 different clubs and organizations as well as intramural and intercollegiate competitive athletics.
Do I have to live on campus?
All full-time students, primarily first-year and second-year, with fewer than four full-time semesters of college enrollment are required to reside in College housing, unless you live within 45 miles of the campus or are 21 years of age or older.
Can I have a car on campus?
Sophomores, Juniors & Seniors are allowed to have cars on campus free of charge; they must be registered with Campus Safety.
What is the male/female ratio?
The male/female ratio at Southern Vermont College is 2:3.
Do you offer any varsity sports?
We are members of NCAA Division III, New England Collegiate Conference, and offer men's and women's soccer, cross country, basketball, volleyball, baseball for men and softball for women.
If I want to earn extra money by working on campus, can you help me?
Yes. We have work-study student jobs in many of the offices on campus, and those who are not work-study eligible may also find employment on campus.
Are the rooms wired for phones?
Yes, each room has its own phone with a voice mail system for both students. You will be given a code, which you'll use before making any call, and you'll receive your own monthly phone bill.
Can I access the Internet from my room?
All of our rooms are wired for Internet access, with two jacks per room connecting you and your roommate to an Ethernet LAN. You will just have to register with Computer Services.
Are there things that aren't allowed in my room?
To ensure the safety of your fellow students, we do not permit anything with an open hot surface. This includes candles, electric heaters, and toaster ovens. Items such as microwave ovens and refrigerators are permitted. More information is available.
What are your SAT requirements for general admission?
The SAT range for admitted students is 850-1050 CR&M (Critical Reading and Math). However, we use a portfolio approach for reviewing an applicant and do not base admissions solely on the SAT.

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